The forces of sound, light, electricity, magnetism, ‘reality’ and energy have been parlayed into the commissioning of smart classes in HBBPS. Smart classes were the need of the hour with smart and flexible objectives as opposed (to those carved in stone. What was required was a certain amount of candor, a free and unhampered exchange of ideas in a (non-sterile) ‘techno-smart’ environment. The investment perspective in smart classes has paid off since children are emerging as ‘Knowledge workers’ of today, here and now. Smart classes in Hindi and English are conducted for children from Nursery to 12th, completely “back-boned” by visuals and full-toned sound bytes such as films, photography and detailed graphics. Images appear crisp and bright with high-resolution touchscreen enabled projectors. Teaching is conducted through a beautifully stunning full-screen presentation, blending perfectly with the ambient light levels. There are five smoothly running smart classes with DRS sound system. Students have HCC ‘Digiclass’ advantage. Teachers easily explain multimedia content to students in interactive classrooms.