Psychology Laboratory

The Psychology laboratory at HBBPS facilitates students to conduct studies on theories of the discipline in a controlled environment while expanding the body of knowledge in the ever evolving field of psychology.

Psychology lab serves the following objectives:

  • To help students to experience a unique learning environment to complement classroom discussions.
  • To offer space for students to conduct experiments, counselling, testing and observations.
  • To create an atmosphere of psychology at work fulfilling the main requirement of the subject.

Computer Lab

In the age of IT, computers have become a necessity. To cater this need the school has set up three computer labs to deal with the young learners at three different levels -junior, senior and Senior Secondary. Students learn about computers through computers right from class I. Teachers lay more emphasis on practical implementation rather than theoretical knowledge. School Computer lab is adequately ventilated and well equipped with printers/scanner, LCD monitors and a smart board for making learning interactive and innovative alongwith Wi-Fi connectivity. All the systems are well equipped with latest software versions.

Mathematics Lab

A place where mathematical thoughts of young minds flourish and put into action with the help of various modern methods and tools like audio – visual aids, mathematical tools, etc. The teachers lead the students from abstract nature of mathematics towards the practical aspects of life.

Chemistry Lab

It is the most innovative corner of the school where students can experience the joy of learning. Our well equipped Chemistry lab helps children to keep up the fervour of scientific attitude alive and motivate them to try out hands on activities as a child learn more by doing than watching.

Physics Lab

Physics lab is a place where besides theoretical knowledge the students get exposure to scientific and electronic world. Our school has a well equipped Physics laboratory where children enjoy learning by experimenting, keenly observing and exploring new concepts. We focus on arousing and sustaining children’s interest in the subject.

Biology Lab

Biology lab is a vibrant, and learner friendly corner of our school . Our spacious and well ventilated Bio lab is well equipped with charts, models specimens etc. It’s a perfect utopia which gives birth to the biologist of tomorrow.